Capacity building

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Does your organization need the talent and skills of ReServist to enhance your organizational capacity to meet your mission?

ReServe is your solution! ReServe offers government and nonprofit agencies a talent pool of 50+ professionals with tremendous skills and experience. ReServists “hit the ground running”. They bring tremendous work ethic, a lifetime of having solved problems and navigated complex issues. If there is an issue to be addressed, they have most likely seen it or something like it before.

They help build that all important infrastructure capacity that is critical to the success and sustainability of non-profits. And they do it for a fraction you might imagine it would take to acquire someone of their skill and aptitude.

Over 800 non-profits and government agencies have taken advantage of this talent pool...and 92% come back again and again to fill short term gaps in their capacity.

Shenaz is a retiree from the United Nations currently working with a NYC agency that assists people seeking asylum. She provides interpretation and administrative services to the client. Ascuncion works for ReServe directly, connecting applicants to clients who need capacity building. 


Building Capacity for Your Organization

As of 2013, more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations were registered in the US.

ReServist Testimonials

Deb Golden, ReServist

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