Deb Golden

Deb Golden, ReServist

Deb Golden

Deb Golden is retired from a very successful career as a Development Consultant, but is as busy as ever.

She works with an innovative non-profit, ReServe, that leverages the skills and talents of experienced professionals, 55+, for the social good. She loves working with ReServe because she finds that “giving back is vital as we get older.”

Deb has been a ReServist for over four years. Her specialty is fundraising and helping Boards of Directors raise funds to implement their missions. Development and fundraising skills are those that most non-profits seek. As a ReServist, Deb has supported 10 different agencies from Dorchester to Woburn.

“Fundraising is more of an art than a science” Deb shares. For the past six months she has been working with Supportive Living, a 25 year old non-profit that helps people with Traumatic Brain Injury.

With Deb’s background in social services and her bachelor’s in social work and graduate degree in public administration, she brings years of success raising funds and helping organizations change their culture to one of giving. Deb says that she only chooses to work for non-profits whose mission she can truly believe in.

Peter Noonan, has been the Executive Director of Supportive Living for ten years. The agency operates four residential programs for people with brain injuries. Its wellness program serves both residents and individuals in the community with brain injury, and includes yoga classes, horticulture and cooking activities and a gym for exercise.

Peter heard about the talent that ReServe attracts, and took advantage of hiring Deb Golden and a few other experienced people to help his agency at a cost-effective rate. He also was happy that the ReServist is not on his payroll, but is paid by ReServe, thereby freeing up his staff to focus on the individuals served by the program and not on administrative tasks.

Peter hired Deb as his part-time development consultant and in a very short time she has become critical in helping the Board and the agency change their focus toward being self-sustaining. Peter also tapped ReServe for a marketing professional. Peter plans to post more opportunities with ReServe as needs arise.