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PrepNOW!™ – Working with Foster Parents to Create a College Going Culture in Foster Care

PrepNOW!™ for Parents – Helping Parents Prepare their Children to Succeed in Middle School, Enter High School, and Prepare for College

Success Mentors – Helping Reduce Truancy and School Drop-Out Rates

70% of youth transitioning from foster care say they want to go to college, 10% enroll and less than 3% graduate.

Every year over 1.2 Million of students drop out of high school.

1 in 3 freshmen will not make it back for sophomore year of college.

Mary is a ReServist with the NYC Department of Health after working with the Department of Corrections. Learn more about how she has helped young people prepare for college. Watch the Video >>


Darrell Osborne, Reservist: Success Mentor Trainer, PrepNOW!

Esther Carter, ReServist:
Mentor, Broward County Public Schools

Steve Kravitz, ReServist:
St. Thomas University