Energize A Cause With Your Experience

Many continuing professionals age 55+ want to stay engaged in the workforce while dedicating their skills to important causes. ReServe helps them secure high-impact, part-time work in the nonprofit sector that offers flexibility and a modest stipend.

Dedicate your time and talent to social change
Reinvest your skills and play a critical role in helping nonprofits, public institutions and city agencies stay on mission, working 10-15-20 hours a week.

Serve with dedication and flexibility
These part-time positions can be ongoing or time limited, in work environments that welcome experience and dedication. In most cases, a work schedule can be tailored to fit your requirements.

Find opportunities that match your experience
From marketing to accounting to grant writing, we work to match you with partner organizations that need your help. After your application has been approved, you can also search for openings through our online database.

Earn a stipend while serving your community
Partner organizations convey their appreciation for your service with a financial commitment that includes a $10/hour stipend for you. Although it’s not a market-rate wage, the stipend indicates that your contributions are valuable.

Become a ReServist and join our community
Joining is easy, and then you need to ensure that the program and its part-time opportunities are right for you. After you register to attend an orientation session and are approved for the program, you can begin to search for assignments.

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“ReServe is the best thing ever in the non-profit world. My only issue is that I keep trying to retire and these wonderful opportunities-in this case my passion-make it impossible."
--Dena Fisher, ReServist, El Taller Latino Americano
"After retiring, and feeling bored and unsatisfied, I joined ReServe. I was matched with a community service organization in Harlem and worked with their IT department and trained their staff in basic project management. The work is fun, the hours are what a volunteer wants to give (I work about 12 to 20 per week), and there is a token payment of $10 per hour to insure a commitment from both agency and volunteer. More than anything else is the feeling of satisfaction that comes with seeing skills honed over years being appreciated and exploited for worthy purposes."
-- Paul E., Technology Project Assistant ReServist
Abyssinian Development Corporation