Our History


ReServe was founded in 2005 by three social entrepreneurs who saw few opportunities for older adults who wanted to put their professional skills to work for the greater good once their primary careers came to an end.

Launched as a small pilot at the Blue Ridge Foundation, ReServe has evolved into a new workforce strategy, connecting continuing professionals age 55+ with part-time, service opportunities in community-based organizations, public institutions, and government agencies.

ReServe’s pioneering partnership with New York City’s Department for the Aging (DFTA) was launched in 2007. Since then, nearly two dozen city agencies have tapped into a talent pool of older adults for short-term projects that require specialized skills.

In 2008, ReServe launched its online Opportunity Board which allows ReServists to search for potential positions and Partners to search for talent. Over the past seven years, 3,000 individuals have held ReServe assignments at more than 350 organizations, providing nearly 1,000,000 hours of service.

In 2009, ReServe received a grant from the Atlantic Philanthropies to expand its model and impact to other localities. In addition to serving New York City, ReServe now operates in Miami, FL; Newark, NJ; Baltimore, MD; Southeast Wisconsin; and Westchester County. ReServe is also working with stakeholders in Boston, Chicago, Denver and Seattle to bring ReServe to their localities. Together, ReServe and its affiliates are helping create a new workforce strategy for the 21st century, one that redefines a career arc to include civic engagement.


In 2012, ReServe became a subsidiary of Fedcap (www.fedcap.org).


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"The concept of ReServe is incredibly timely, given the increased appreciation of the importance of investing in organizational infrastructure. ReServists do work that otherwise wouldn't get done at a level that would otherwise be unaffordable."

-- Mathew Klein, Executive Director, Blue Ridge Foundation