First Impressions Registration

Thank you for your interest in ReServe. ReServe matches continuing professionals 55+ with rewarding part-time service opportunities at nonprofit organizations and public institutions in order to strengthen their communities while earning a modest stipend. To determine if ReServe’s program is a good fit for you, you must attend one of our “First Impressions” events, the required first step in the ReServe application process. This event is designed to give you detailed information about our program and to give our staff the opportunity to learn about your background and interests.

If you meet all of the eligibility criteria in step one, please fill in your email address and submit below, and we will email you a link to our online First Impressions Registration Form. The email is automatically sent from the appropriate email address listed below depending on your location, so if you do not receive it please check your spam filter.

Step One: Program Eligibility Checklist

Please check all that apply to you:

   I am age 55 or over.
   I understand that ReServe will not provide or lead to full-time employment.
   I am interested in contributing to the public good and am willing and able to contribute 10-20 hours per week in a nonprofit or public setting.
   I understand that I will receive a $10 per hour stipend for hours worked, with no raises, no paid vacation, and no paid personal or sick days. This modest income is considered taxable income.
   I understand and have determined the impact that this additional income will have on any unemployment or social security benefits I receive. I understand that if I am receiving unemployment benefits that ReServe generally recommends that I register for First Impressions when this is no longer the case.
   I have a checking or savings account and I understand that my stipend will be deposited directly into my bank account.
   I have a current resume that reflects my professional and volunteer experience.
   I have my own e-mail account and have easy access to a computer.
   I am comfortable using a computer independently and I have working knowledge of the basic software used in today's office. For example, I can create correspondence using Microsoft Word, send and receive e-mail, and conduct research on the internet using Google.

Step Two: Please Provide The Following Information

Primary Skill
Retype Email

If you have any questions, please contact us at the following telephone number or email address for your region:

Greater Boston617-910-5158


South Florida305-929-8729



Wisconsin - Southeast414-220-8643